Rectification Consultation

“What if I don’t know my birth time?”

This is exactly what a rectification consultation is for. Before ordering a rectification consultation, consider these steps to get more information about your birth time.

  • Ask your parents. Even if they don’t know the exact time, they may be able to give you some clues as to what part of the day it was.
  • Look in your baby book. Usually, if your parents kept a baby book, the time is recorded in there.
  • Look at your newspaper birth announcement. If you can get a hold of it, it will sometimes be there.
  • Look on your birth certificate. This is usually reliable, but be aware that the birth time on the birth certificate might not be completely correct. Depending on when and where you were born, it might not be recorded at all. If you were born in the United States, a good place to start searching for your birth certificate is here.

If none of those steps got you closer to your birth time, you will likely need a rectification consultation. You will need to build a chronology of important events in your life to find the time that matches most closely. This may take some time and multiple conversations for us to work toward finding the right birth time.

How do I order?

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please send me an email to

In this email, please let me know…

  • Your birth date (for example, January 1st, 1985)
  • Your birth place (city, state, country, for example, Boston, MA, USA)
  • What the status of your birth time is, for example, you know it was only in a certain part of the day or within a range of minutes or hours, etc.
  • By what method you would like to receive your consultation and your times of availability

I can provide consultations:

  • As a written report
  • Over the phone
  • Over Skype (video or no video)

A rectification consultation costs $200.00 USD. That takes into account my preparation time and the consultation itself.

Please make sure to only pay for a consultation once we have been in contact and scheduled! Payment is handled by Paypal, and can be reached by clicking the button below!