Natal Astrology Consultation

The fundamental premise of astrology is that there is a correspondence between celestial events and earthly events: as above, so below. At the moment a new person enters the world, the individual nature and course of that life is heralded by the arrangement of the planets at that time and place. A picture of that planetary arrangement is called a natal chart, and interpreting it is the practice of natal astrology. Using a combination of traditional and modern methods, I can take a look at your chart and tell you about:

  • Your character: qualities, strengths and difficulties
  • Your short-term past and future: Contextualizing the present by examining your recent and upcoming transits, favorable periods and difficult periods
  • Your long-term past and future: Contextualizing your life by examining past and future cycles, to understand the trajectory of your life, opportunities for growth, opportunities to learn
  • Topics: career, love life, family, friends, money, health (I’m not a doctor!), etc.
  • Anything else you want to talk about that falls within the realm of natal astrology

Inherent in the proposition of natal astrology is the idea of fate – that our lives are predestined to at least some degree. You may find this idea to be comforting, (i.e. “Everything happens for a reason”), limiting, (i.e. “Carpe diem!”) or depressing (i.e. “O cruel fate!”). The truth is that we can all have these feelings about our lives at one time or another, and the beauty and meaningfulness of life comes from appreciating it in its entirety, its ups and its downs. I implore you to keep this in mind, if, as the case may sometimes be, that my astrological analysis indicates unfavorable news. I will try to be as honest as I can when interpreting your chart, unless I am otherwise made aware of any topics that are off-limits.

Information I Need to Give You a Reading

I need your precise birth time, birth date and birth place in order to find out where the planets were at the time and place you were born. The birth time is an especially crucial piece of information, so I would like to know the source of your birth time and how accurate you think it is. Most people know their birth dates, so this usually isn’t a problem. As for the birth place, I don’t need the name of the hospital, I just need the city, state and/or country where you born.

What if I don’t know my birth time?

  • Ask your parents. Even if they don’t know the exact time, they may be able to give you some clues as to what part of the day it was.
  • Look in your baby book. Usually, if your parents kept a baby book, the time is recorded in there.
  • Look at your newspaper birth announcement. If you can get a hold of it, it will sometimes be there.
  • Look on your birth certificate. This is usually reliable, but be aware that the birth time on the birth certificate might not be completely correct. Depending on when and where you were born, it might not be recorded at all. If you were born in the United States, a good place to start searching for your birth certificate is here.
  • Rectification. An astrologer would use any and all clues you can gather, alongside a chronology of important events in your life to find the time that matches most closely. Find out more about my rectification services here.

If you don’t know your birth time, I can still give some insights but the reading will be less detailed than it would be with a birth time.

How do I order?

Please complete payment (Paypal button at the bottom of this page) and please send me an email to

In this email, please let me know…

  • Your birth date (for example, January 1st, 1985)
  • Your birth time (for example, 1:06 AM)
  • Your birth place (city, state, country, for example, Boston, MA, USA)
  • The source of your birth time and your estimation of its accuracy
  • Any particular concerns or questions you would like me to address in the consultation

I can provide consultations:

  • Over the phone
  • Over Skype or Zoom (video or no video)

A natal astrology consultation is 90 minutes, and costs $270.00 USDPlease be aware that due to the high volume of consultations I am responding to all clients in the order that they have paid. Payment is handled by Paypal, and can be reached by clicking the button below!