Why You Absolutely Were Not Born On A Cusp

March 18, 2017 Patrick Watson 2

So yeah, you were absolutely not born on a cusp in the sense of taking on characteristics from the previous sign or next sign. Presuming of course that the position of the Sun is measured from its center. Enjoy, and please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Get Behind Me Satan: The Oscars, Uber and the Nodes

March 11, 2017 Patrick Watson 3

BigFatAstroVlog Episode 2 #whatsnewinmyastro - The astrology of the Oscars #hotpieceofastro - The astrology of Uber's terrible start to 2017 #smellslikeastro - The astrology of Lent and Advent #paininmyastro - What dafuq is up with da nodes and reincarnation #rightupyourastro - Subscribe to my dang channel, support me on Patreon and share and like my…

Obama, Loosed From the Bonds of the Presidency

February 27, 2017 Patrick Watson 0

I'd like to close out this year's African-American history month by looking back at one of the most remarkable chapters that just ended - the presidency of America's first black President, Barack Obama. Neptune Barack Obama's career in national politics can be crudely summed up by the transits of one planet - Neptune. This is…

Bannon, Uranus and Yods, How Bow Dah?

February 24, 2017 Patrick Watson 0

The first episode of BigFatAstroVlog is here! It is titled Bannon, Uranus and Yods, How Bow Dah? This episode tackles the following topics: #hotpieceofastro - The astrology of ┬áthe "Cash Me Ousside How Bow Dah" internet meme #smellslikeastro - Bannon's fascination with the astrology-ish Fourth Turning generational cycle theory and Uranus in Gemini #paininmyastro -…

TEASER: Big Fat Astro Vlog

February 14, 2017 Patrick Watson 0

So you might have noticed...patrickwatsonastrologer.com has turned into bigfatastro.com. But that's not all! I thought to myself, y'know, what do my readers really want? Clearly you want to see my Big Fat As...tro Vlog! It's a new show centered on astrology topics such as #smellslikeastro, #paininmyastro, #hotpieceofastro, #rightupyourastro and more! It should be mildly amusing…

5 Ways The World Is Deliberately Trying To Dick With Astrologers

February 7, 2017 Patrick Watson 0

5) Twins While twins are an interesting and challenging problem for astrology, it's not an insurmountable one. In my talk "Little Lots and Arabic Parts: Big Differences in Similar Charts" at last year's ISAR conference, I demonstrated how you can differentiate between the charts of twins using Lots and Zodiacal Releasing. The problem is that…