Antonio Conrad

My name is Antonio Conrad and I’m the proud owner of Bigfatastro.com. This is my little corner of the internet where I can share my lifelong passion for numerology, astrology, and all things spiritual.

I was born on March 3, 1958 which makes me a Pisces. I’m currently 64 years old and stand at 168cm tall, weighing around 93kg. Yellow is my favorite color and I drive a 1997 Mitsubishi Pajero!

Spirituality has piqued my interest ever since I was a curious teenager. I was fascinated by the idea that numbers and planets could influence who we are and guide our paths. This fascination only grew over the years as I dove deep into numerology and astrology.

I’ve read hundreds of books, taken classes, and picked the brains of experts around the world – all to understand the cosmic forces that shape our lives. I’ve come to view numerology and astrology as maps to help navigate life’s winding roads.

By day, I work as a musical instrument tuner. It allows me flexibility to pursue my passion project – this website! In 2023 I decided to take the plunge and launch Bigfatastro.com as a place to share my knowledge with fellow mystics.

Here you’ll find all things numerology and astrology, from birth chart analysis to moon phase meanings. I provide personal consultations to help decode your cosmic blueprint. You’ll also find my weekly, monthly and yearly astrological forecasts here.

My approach is grounded yet open, practical yet cosmic. I seek to enlighten and guide, not overwhelm or confuse. These ancient arts have so much wisdom to offer if used properly.

When I’m not working on the site, you can find me gardening, cooking, playing guitar, or hanging with my cats Jupiter and Mercury. Yes, I’m one of those astrology nuts who names pets after planets!

I’m so glad you’ve discovered my little corner of the cosmic internet. Stick around and let me help you unlock the secrets of the universe!