10 Capricorns To Watch Get Wrecked By Mars, Saturn & Pluto in 2018

Brew yourself some tea, because in 2018 we’re going to have a lot to sip for.

2018 is going to be a rough year for many people, but especially for many people born with the Sun in Capricorn. This is because the most feared planets in our solar system, Mars, Saturn and Pluto are coming together into the same sign this year, and that sign is Capricorn. Mars is the planet of aggression, conflicts and divisions. Saturn is the planet of punishments, responsibilities, labors and weaknesses. Pluto is named after the lord of the underworld, and brings an extreme edge to all it touches, so having Pluto in the mix of Mars and Saturn is an alarming planetary combination.

While we’re still on the way to the big Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 2019-2020 (which you can find out more about in my videolecture “Sunshine, Rainbows & Daisies: Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn 2018-2020”) the last time we had a co-presence of Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn was in the year 1518, when the transatlantic slave trade began in earnest, so, y’know, not a decent track record here right off the bat. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in 2018 more precisely:


  • Mars enters Capricorn on March 17th
  • Mars is conjunct Saturn at 8 Capricorn on April 1st
  • Mars is conjunct Pluto at 21 Capricorn on April 25th
  • Mars leaves Capricorn on May 16th
  • Mars stations retrograde at 9 Aquarius on June 27th and comes back into Capricorn on August 17th.
  • Mars stations direct at 28 Capricorn on August 26th and leaves Capricorn on September 10th.

People who have planets or points close to 8, 21 or 28-29 Capricorn are going to get some pretty hard Mars transits because it will either be retrograde or conjunct Saturn (yikes) or Pluto (whoa). They can expect remarkable hostilities, troubles or problems holding their temper down.


  • Saturn travels from 1-11 Capricorn over the course of 2018
  • January 1st-April 9th, Saturn travels from 1-9 Capricorn
  • April 9th-September 5th, Saturn goes retrograde from 9-2 Capricorn
  • September 5th to the end of 2018, Saturn moves from 2-11 Capricorn.

People who were born with the Sun or planets in these degrees, especially between 2-9 Capricorn where Saturn goes retrograde are going to have those parts of their lives scrutinized by Saturn, weighing them down, hardening them, judging them.


  • Pluto starts the year at 18 Capricorn.
  • Pluto stations retrograde at 21 Capricorn on April 23rd
  • Pluto stations direct at 18 Capricorn on September 30th
  • By the end of 2018, Pluto has moved to 20 Capricorn. It traverses very few degrees because it’s so slow.

These are long term transits as you can see, so anyone who has points or planets between 18-21 Capricorn is going to be going through some slow-moving but life-altering upheavals.

Now, these tricky transits aren’t just going to be bad for Capricorns. They’re going to be challenging for other cardinal placements as well, such as in Aries, Cancer and Libra. They will all happen in some part of everyone’s natal chart, which accounts for the multivalent ways these transits are experienced by massive groups of people but also what will account for the quality of the shared zeitgeist, and it likely won’t be too fun. So the least we can do is get some tea brewing so we can sit and sip in relative comfort and watch out for these, erm, prominent people in government and media who all were born with planetary placements in Capricorn.

Those Getting Shat On By Mars, Saturn and Pluto

10) Jeff Sessions
Sun at 2 Capricorn, Mars at 5 Capricorn, Moon 8-21 Capricorn (no birth time)

Jeff Sessions is a mean-spirited tree-dwelling Keebler cookie-making marijuana-hating elf whose reality spontaneously alternates between the 1950’s and the 1860’s. He is currently the head of the Justice Department, which is sort of like putting Father McFeely in charge of a kindergarten. Or if Ed Gein were put in charge of a cemetery. Okay let’s do one more, it’s like putting Trump in charge of a domestic violence shelter for really, really attractive women. And we’re done.

More importantly than how awful Jeff Sessions is, is the fact that he was born with the Sun at 2 Capricorn conjunct Mars at 5 Capricorn. Which means that Saturn is very close to conjoining both his Sun and his Mars. In fact as of writing this, Saturn is already on his Sun, and he has come under heavy criticism for his harsh proposals against states where marijuana is legal, even by other fellow congressional Republicans who miraculously tend to support marijuana legalization alongside Democrats. Check out these Saturn transits for yourself!

Saturn conjoined his Mars first through January-February of 2018, and then it will be hitting his Mars and Sun again from June-November 2018, due to the retrogradation of Saturn. This will certainly be an annus horribilis for him, and honestly the less thought about how horribilis his annus is, the better.  I can’t say he’ll be fired from his position or something, but it’s going to be an admonishment like he’s never seen before, except like that one time in July 1986 when he was thankfully denied a federal judgeship in June 1986, a time when Mars was, ahem, retrograde in Capricorn.

9) Donald Trump Jr.
Venus at 4 Capricorn, Sun at 9 Capricorn

Also, Bigfoot.

Donald Trump Jr. always looks like he’s cosplaying as Gordon Gekko. However, in all honesty, I feel bad for Donald Trump Jr. I can’t imagine a worse fate than being named directly after your father, especially when your father is Donald Trump. How singularly sad it must be to merely be the junior version of a man who is already so small, in the mind, heart, hands and pants. Perhaps there was another way for him to be his own person, but I can imagine it would be impossible to go down a different path when the one gilded with the trappings of wealth, celebrity and the illusion of importance lay before him. So in went the hair gel and on went the suits, and now he speaks in fluent douche.

Saturn was on his Venus in February and on his Sun, starting in March. The Saturn-Venus transit could bring problems or distance in his relationships, and I wrote this before the news broke today that Donald Trump Jr.’s wife is divorcing him. I imagine this also ties in with the Sun-Venus conjunction in Capricorn from earlier this year, a recurrence transit for Donald Trump Jr. 

The Mars-Saturn conjunction on April 1st makes a close hit to his Sun and it won’t be an April Fool’s Day prank. On April 17th, Saturn slows down and stations retrograde on his Sun, almost like Saturn is squinting his eyes and really concentrating on that part of the zodiac. And Saturn will be inspecting Trumpy Jr. Maybe it’s nothing, but Mueller is investigating his emails and activities in connection with the ongoing Russia investigation so there’s a non-zero chance that the Saturn transit could coincide with some consequences of that investigation. Also, it may not be in Capricorn, but Mars stations retrograde at 9 Aquarius – exactly opposite Trump Jr.’s retrograde Mars at 9 Leo! Maybe this is just Donald Trump Jr. taking bold action to reboot his life a bit, maybe it’s not…


8) Eric Trump
Merc at 1 Cap, Sun at 15 Cap

Eric Trump, another son of Trump and a FREE WATER CUP-ABUSING SODA THIEF. YOU CAN’T JUST USE THE WATER CUPS FOR LEMONADE, ERIC. However, while Eric Trump received a conjunction to his Mercury from Saturn, he’s actually past the Pluto conjunction to his Sun, and he is somewhat unscathed by the upcoming Mars retrograde. It is as if all this kind of bad stuff these planets signify surrounds him but doesn’t actually hit him directly. Interestingly enough, aside from being accused of misappropriating his charity’s funds (the Saturn conjunction to his Mercury), he is more removed from the affairs of the White House and doesn’t appear to be entangled in Mueller’s investigation anywhere near the degree that his brother, Donald Trump Jr. is. I do think he’s worth mentioning here as one of the 3 closest family members of Donald Trump with a Capricorn Sun, considering these transits. In 2019 however, Saturn will properly conjoin his Sun which will likely be a hard time for him or when he is under more scrutiny.

7) Jared Kushner
Sun at 20 Capricorn, Mercury at 26 Capricorn, Mars at 8 Aquarius

Jared Kushner had a security clearance because, well, meh, yeah sure whatever. This is Ivanka Trump’s husband, so Donald Trump is his father-in-law, and for whatever reason has outsize influence in the administration, which hasn’t helped. He is definitely tied up in the upcoming Mars retrograde. Natally, he has Mars at 8 Aquarius conjunct the South Node, and Mars stations retrograde at 9 Aquarius, conjunct the South Node! I would be very surprised if Jared Kushner didn’t figure prominently in the coming Mars retrograde drama with this kind of placement. In addition to that, the Pluto conjunction to his Sun perfects this year, which signifies the high stakes power struggles and manipulations of a vastly impacting nature, the unusual context in which these transits are happening in his life, in the White House.

7) Mike Pompeo
Sun at 8 Capricorn, Mercury at 18 Capricorn, Mars at 19 Capricorn, Midheaven at 1 Aquarius, Venus at 8 Aquarius

Where is the joke here?

Mike Pompeo was Trump’s pick as CIA director and has now been nominated as his new Secretary of State, starting on April 1st, the day of the Mars-Saturn conjunction which occurs on his Sun, which isn’t a terribly good omen. Meanwhile, Pluto has been hanging around his Mercury-Mars conjunction for quite a while now, which makes some sense with his last job dealing with the country’s greatest secrets and threats. But then, Mars stations retrograde on his Venus (the ruler of his Ascendant), and crosses his Midheaven in August. All these Capricorn transits are happening in the 9th, a place related to travel, foreign places and religion, so, it’s a house you’d want better transits to be happening in as a diplomat, so of course they’re not. It goes beyond astrological considerations to say I’m concerned by this man.

If you were hoping this choice would be some sort of improvement over Rex Tillerson (a low bar to clear indeed), I’m sorry to disappoint. Pompeo thinks politics is “a never-ending struggle…until the rapture.” The rapture. This is from an adult, somehow. Here’s what he thinks of different folks just living their lives and living among each other: “America had worshipped other Gods and called it multiculturalism. We’d endorsed perversion and called it an alternative lifestyle.” He thinks the point of Islamic terrorism is “continue to press against us until we make sure that we pray and stand and fight and make sure that we know that Jesus Christ is our savior is truly the only solution for our world.I am not making this up. Can we appreciate that Pompeo wanting a ‘holy war’ is exactly what ISIL wants, just from the opposite perspective? This is pretty concerning that the presumptive top diplomat thinks like this when the country is on the brink of…something with a few countries. And no one is going to care because the people who know better are not in power, and the world is a toilet. Y’know what, I think this tea needs a little bourbon. Or a lot of bourbon.

5) Ajit Pai
Mercury at 9 Capricorn, Sun and Jupiter at 20 Capricorn

I would call Ajit Pai a douchebag but that would mean someone trusted him enough to catch their vaginal or anal discharge, and after selling out ordinary internet users, screwing over future internet startups and defying the will of the vast majority of Americans to carry out the bidding of ISP’s to end net neutrality, that would be too great an honor.

The Mars-Saturn conjunction of April 1st aligns with his Mercury, and then Saturn stations right there on his Mercury. I would imagine this could be legal troubles, because of Mercury and Saturn’s associations with lawsuits, language, legalities. April looks like the most perilous month, when Mars and Pluto will both be on his Sun and Jupiter, but it could also be more egregious public actions that cause blowback. Otherwise he has a bit more to worry about in 2019 when Saturn comes for his Sun.

4) Betsy Devos
Sun at 18 Capricorn

Betsy Devos is Trump’s head of the Department of Education, someone who in their senate confirmation hearing incoherently cited “grizzly bears” as the main reason why there should be guns in schools, a living testament to the fact that intelligence and wealth are not correlative, also see: Trump, Donald. I’d say she’s like Dolores Umbridge except even evil Umbridge wasn’t a total blithering idiot. It turns out you can’t speak very well when you talk out of your ass. Also see: Palin, Sarah; Trump, Donald.

Much like Ajit Pai, late April will likely be the worst of it for Devos this year, when Mars and Pluto are both on her Sun, but given how few fucks she gives, it may also be when she wields maximum destructive power in her office.

3) Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne “Alternative Facts” Conway whose Capricornian ambition and devotion to defending Trump knows no bounds – especially factual, logical and ethical ones. With her Sun at 29 Capricorn, she is due to get hit by the Mars retrograde in Capricorn. Her Sun is first hit by Mars in mid-May, then it’s hit by retrograde Mars in mid-August and hangs around there until it hits it one final time in early September. She is most certainly going to be involved in the conservative drama this summer.

2) Rush Limbaugh
Mercury at 1 Capricorn, Sun at 21 Capricorn, Ascendant at 0 Aquarius, Venus at 5 Aquarius

What joke can you make about ultra-right wing political commentator Rush Limbaugh that isn’t low hanging fruit? And no, I’m not talking about his fupa. He’s having several transits all at once, Saturn around his Mercury, the Pluto conjunction to his Sun which will be ongoing into next year, and of particular interest is the Mars retrograde. Mars first hits his Ascendant in mid-May, then his Venus in late May, then Mars stations retrograde at 9 Aquarius and hits his Venus again in late July and hits his Ascendant again in early-mid August, and makes its final pass over his Ascendant in mid-September and his Venus in late September.

While he’s had Mars run over this part of his chart once every 2 years, he’s never had Mars go retrograde over his Venus or Ascendant in his lifetime, so this should be interesting to watch. Additionally, we might expect this will be significant for him because he was born with Mars in Aquarius in his 1st house. Accordingly, he’s been someone who has never been afraid to offend or to be incendiary, so it would seem with this kind of transit he may pick a fight he can’t win and finally crosses the line to be cancelled once and for all. Or since Mars will be acting against expectation while retrograde, he may pick a fight he normally would not, such as with the current GOP president. Either way, summer 2018 will be the summer of Mars for Rush Limbaugh.

1) Sean Hannity
Venus at 2 Capricorn, Mars at 4 Capricorn, Sun at 8 Capricorn, Mercury at 17 Capricorn, Saturn at 29 Capricorn

Sean Hannity, an insufferable sniveling smarmy wanker of the highest order will have Mars retrograde hit his natal Saturn in August, which it has never done before in Hannity’s lifetime,. It won’t exactly be a pretty transit. He is also on his way to his Saturn return in 2020, and this year Saturn is coming to his Sun, Venus and Mars. This happened before in 1989, and that was the year Sean Hannity started his first talk radio show. He was kicked off in less than a year after incidents where he promoted a book which spread anti-gay propaganda about AIDS and told a lesbian mother he felt sorry for her child, because of course. However, the station reversed its decision to kick him off after the ACLU claimed his free speech rights were violated, but Hannity decided not to go back when the station wouldn’t apologize or give him more airtime. Something about these events will bear some parallel with his experiences in 2018. How will Hannity cap off his career with his second Saturn return? Retirement? Willingly? Unwillingly?

Final Thoughts

One question I have is – why are there seemingly a disproportionate number of Capricorn Suns in conservative media and positions in the current conservative government? Yes, Capricorn is a more conservative sign on balance, but it makes me wonder – will the transits all be related to the same thing which affects them differently or will they all be having separate unrelated stressful times which just happen to occur in the same timeframe? Mars retrogrades especially suggest marked divisions –  divisions or conflicts you normally would not expect. Will there be some sort of internecine conflict, a kind of civil war within the GOP in the summer of 2018? If so, what could possibly cause that to happen? We may not have to wait too long to find out.


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  1. I just coincidentally looked at Jim Carrey’s chart. Not that I want to see him wrecked, but he has Sun @ 26 Capricorn, Venus @ 24 Capricorn, and Mars at 17 Capricorn

  2. It figures with Pluto in Cap going in the transformation of world structure in 2008, we would have butt-hole Cap Suns, leading us into the charge. This is not unlike the charge of the lite brigade…-if you know your history.

  3. I wouldn’t bank on someone who natally has Saturn and Mars in Capricorn to be adversely affected by a Saturn or Mars Capricorn transit. He already has come out of a very long Pluto transit to his Venus/Mars/Sun completely unscathed, a transit that several times brought Mars around also. Moreover his Sun is in a trine to Pluto, so likely he is used to dealing with these energies. Just a thought.

    • Hi Trish, that’s true to some extent, especially since Mars and Saturn are in their element in Capricorn. Sometimes people can embody the malefics themselves rather than being afflicted by them, hard to say which sometimes.

  4. I’ll try to not throw myself under the bus after reading that, with my Capricorn and Libra placements. I do agree all the people above are scum bags that deserve their comeuppances, soon rather than later, I do also feel some Capricorn’s are going to get off on this Astro and actually do well in the face of challenge and adversity. Personally I have worked hard over many years and now am moving onto a job that has given me for the first time creative freedom over a department on a major international feature film, (a feminsit retelling of a old story) I have descovered so much joy in being allowed to express my creativity rather than watch others do it. I have the experience .. and worked hard to do the prep early, to minimise the inevitable chaos….It will be hard. Fast. Structured . Film crews operate like an army … and it will no doubt have a few hot heads around ! But that’s how it rolls. It won’t be easy but it has the potential to be career defining.I just had to share for all those Caps out there who arnt the spawn of Trumps Govt … but still have to cleverly negotiate this very tricky astrology … with out the fear that their entire world is going to fall apart and hey if my world does fall apart at least it will die trying to not give into the fear of Pluto, Saturn and Mars … ?

    • Mars and Saturn are definitely in their own element in Capricorn, and it won’t always work against a Capricorn Sun to undergo these transits. For some of these I mentioned that they may also wield maximum destructive power in their offices rather than be demoted. Best of luck to you and all those with Cap placements out there!!

  5. I’m actually a pretty big saturn fan, but this conjunction worries me not just for the world (I listened to your lecture, the history stuff is pretty cool actually)… but for myself because saturn and to a lesser extend pluto do so much in my natal chart. AND my saturn return is going to be happening at the same time this conjunction is. I guess I should be prepared to get wrecked as well?

    I have a sizable cabinet of tea so I should be ok somehow. I hope. We’ll see.

    • Just because you share the same degree in a sign doesn’t mean much unless it is in the same exact time, year and place of birth. Look at the house your sun is in, Moon and look at your AC as well. That will tell you a lot about yourself.
      To paint all Capricorns with the same brush is a mistake. Everyone’s chart is individual. I too am a Capricorn and this time has been very liberating, fun and exciting for me. Granted the folks above are awful, but they are serving a greater purpose in the grand scheme of things and they are certainly here to light a fire under the rest of us to get us off our asses and to act!

  6. IMHO, the S-H-F with these charts …when Mars passes thru to Aquarius, inasmuch as it would then be in the derived 2nd House to their Capricorn signs. Cue the fireworks.

    Your obvious political animus is unseemly if you want to be take seriously as an astrologer.

    • Hi Willard, I don’t disagree that the Mars station in Aquarius could be remarkable (and would actually theoretically be worse for Aquarius and other fixed signs rather than these Capricorns I listed), but could you explain how it would be worse because it’s in the derived 2nd house from Capricorn?

      My political leanings are no secret, that makes me at least as honest as William Lilly and John Gadbury. I don’t really believe it when astrologers say they are impartial because no one truly is. I think acknowledging our political biases is some sort of first step to seeing what’s truly beyond them. Regardless of my bias, there do seem to be a lot of Capricorns in prominent positions in conservative politics and media, aren’t there? Will these transits through Capricorn be about the same thing that all are involved in or separate incidents with each of them in the same timeframe?

      Also, are you saying this because you want to take me seriously but I disappoint you? My brand name is Big Fat Astro. Part of my deal is not taking things too seriously (because I actually take them seriously), having an ironic spin on doom and gloom (because what else are you going to do?). I try to present evidence of the astrological phenomenon at work that can be accessible with jokes, and sometimes, a bit of an opinion as well, as we all have. And if you don’t have opinions about what’s going on now, when else do you speak up? I’m sorry this has detracted from your experience.


      • Conservatives as (only) Capricorns? Gimmeabreak. Lived in DC, you can’t swing a dead cat in any conf room there, or any of the innumerable hotel conferences or seminars hosted DAILY, without hitting a sh*tload of sea-goats, and be advised—they’re all over the political spectrum. DC draws Capricorns like a big steaming pile of manure draws flies. IMHO, should be renamed “Distrito Capricornia”. And those are just the ones in public, semi-public venues (vs. the deep-state ones.) As for T-Mars in D#2, that’s where the spark occurs that either lights the mix, or doesn’t. Maybe D#3 as well. It would do well for those DC bums to look at the Residence Act of 1790, say around 2020, and some simple napkin-math about hypersonic missiles, inasmuch as DC is less than 150 miles from the ocean.

        Derived houses: I’ve helped a lot of key decisions (& made a LOT of $$$ w/derived Hse transits), esp for clients with loaded stelliums. It’s like the deep web, it’s “deep astro”. Get Patti Brittain’s (so-so) book on Monsieur Morin. Even if you’re one who doesn’t have Mars in Taurus, you can “get your cut” (the world works on percentages).

        • Obviously I’m not saying all conservatives are Capricorns, I’m saying that all Capricorns are conservative in some sense, since it is a sign governed by Saturn. That applies to liberal Capricorns. That’s why I said Capricorn is a conservative sign on balance. I just pointed out that there seem to be a lot of Capricorns in these prominent psitions in conservative politics and media right now. I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion that there are more Capricorns in DC than any other sign. It would be fascinating to see if there were some common chart patterns of different congresses. Back in 2014, Nick Dagan Best did a survey of the sun signs of the then-current government, the most-represented sign among congressional Republicans was Gemini and for Democrats it was Libra. Could be different now, and after November. https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/08/zodiac-astrology-politicians-birthdays-elections/

  7. Capricorns are ambitious, not necessarily conservative. DC has been a magnet for all those eastern elite-educated types, who eschewed STEM professions. I know, I went to school with ’em, they have an attitude inculcated from birth that their class is supposed to rule America. Being a Brit you should empathize. They’re having a hard time accepting new realities, esp for the sea-goats in their midst. It could easily tear the country apart, we are the 3rd largest nation on the planet, lots of divergent interests. IMHO, what should happen is a confederacy of 6-7 autonomous regions that only collaborate on & fund a handful of items, i.e. defense, some infrastructure, etc.

  8. This is a great article in terms of gathering data and observing that the Trump Administration is heavily Capricorn. If you were a better astrologer, however, your conclusions would be the opposite – I’m guessing you have some Saturn work of your own yet to do. I’m pretty good with Saturn, on the other hand, so let me give you an alternative interpretation of the data you judiciously collected:

    Saturn is at home in Capricorn. These people are all very used to Saturnian energy. Several have Saturn at home in Capricorn. You’re not dealing with people who are about to get a kick in the pants, you’re dealing with people who are the best adapted at dealing with the present energy. This extraordinary confluence of astrological traffic in Capricorn coinciding with their placements indicates that this is really THE MOMENT for all of them. That makes a lot of sense, considering there are few times in ones life with more urgency and importance than working for the President and running the United States of America.

    What this all means is that we’re about to see these people tested. This is quite possibly the moment where all of their hard work for decades past comes to fruition and pays off. This could be the moment where they are rewarded. If you want to get a taste of that, consider where they all were in late December, when Saturn first entered Capricorn. What judgment was handed to them at that time? Well, as it turns out, they all got jobs in the White House, which is pretty positive by most measures.

    I know you don’t want to hear this, but by your own data gathering you may well have stumbled on strong astrological evidence that these people are all about to reach their absolute pinnacle and zenith of accomplishment and reward in life. Were we talking about a bunch of Leo’s, I’d say the opposite. But these are heavily Capricorn people. They know Saturn. They have been through Saturn’s ringer. They are still standing – thriving, in fact. The smart wager is on these Capricorn’s all pulling the rabbit out of the hat, rather than being crushed by the pressure of the spotlight.

    Attitude aside, I think you’ve really hit on something interesting and if you want to discuss it send me an email at the included address.

    • Hi, I haven’t totally discounted the possibility that these transits would necessarily be bad for people with placements in Capricorn. In the article I mentioned a few times that it could be when “they wield maximum destructive power”, that it could be a ‘good’ thing for them that isn’t necessarily good for others. It depends on a lot of things, what houses Saturn rules in the chart, the sect of the chart, etc. If I was a different astrologer, I’d have tried to focus on those technicalities of when Saturn is more subjectively positive, but instead I focused on the dark hope and disordered therapeutic pleasure of schadenfreude based on the general malefic character of Saturn and the curious preponderance of Capricorn placements these people share.

      Having said that, it’s a bit too early to tell exactly how off the mark I might be, and some of these people have already gotten into trouble, with even political conservatives turning against some of the people on this list.

  9. Melania Trump has moon at approximately 6° Capricorn (no published birth time). I don’t particularly wish her ill, but she’s kind of disappeared with some mystery surgery. Maybe surgically removing any body part that’s touched Donald? Anyhow, so happy to have landed on your page. I actually cackled out loud (I’m a Scorpio).

  10. I enjoyed this very much (although someone I love dearly has a stellium of six, including both luminaries, in Capricorn. Hoping all this means for that person is disciplined recreation–they’re all in the fifth house!

  11. I am a Capricorn with a sun at 7 degrees and in the 10th natal house. I (and my whole department) am facing a lot of opposition at work from people who are not as competent or experienced as I am, but want to stand up and appear good by comparison. A lot of gossip going on, if you know what I mean. But, since I am a Capricorn, this has not affected me at all. In fact, I find it even funny sometimes and so far they have not been able to get their way. I am very cautious, though, and I try to cover my back all the time. It can be tiresome sometimes. My immediate boss, who is a friend and a Cancer, had a nervous breadkdown and had to quit. So, I can relate a lot to what you wrote But we, capricorns, are hard people to take down.

  12. My God, haven’t you got it in for Capricorns! What did they do, leave you at the altar? Capricorns are the sign of power so of course they will be in government; that is what they represent. The strong signs in Capricorn are the Universe’s way of altering the structure, which has gone on for centuries, to something more useful for the people. You think there would be any changes in the docile signs? Each sign has a loving purpose so to talk about fear onbly engenders it. I am a Capricorn with many conatct points at the degrees you have mentioned and after years of unhappiness with Uranus travelling through Aries, I finally feel less stressed and happier for once. Astrologists seem to forget the real meaning of the Universe: love. The events that occur are always meant to be teaching us about how we develop love. The cleansing of the past is necessary for Gaia to move to ascension. I am trusting that the Capricorn transits will finally rid us of the governmental systems that have held us as slaves for so long under royalty (Leo) autocrats (Aries) and secret systems (Scorpio) Capricorn ALWAYS has good intentions because they are well aware of the kamric consequences if not.

    • Hi GPD, you’re right. I have a liberal bias and I nakedly indulged in it here in this case, even though I am capable of putting my feelings aside. I did that because…it is my right and I can and I wanted to. Besides, no one is truly neutral. I can fairly assume you’re conservative by your comment. Wouldn’t that give you a conservative bias?

      And another thing – DESPITE my bias, it is curious that there are seemingly so many of these prominent people in the current administration who are Capricorn Suns and are simultaneously/differently impacted by these transits in Capricorn. But because they are in power they are necessarily going to be of a similar political persuasion. I didn’t focus on the opposition because they’re not in power. In any case they’re having these transits with or without my personal opinion, unless the ephemeris is biased too? Maybe you like your analysis with less personal flavor, sorry you didn’t get that with this article. I have many others if you’re still open to my other work.



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